3 Tools to keep you up to date

I have fully embraced information overload. It is one of my great pleasures, and is how I manage to know what people are talking about when the inevitable questions about new technology or online services are asked.

(Yahoo! has a new launch page, had you heard?)

Here are three tools that I use to keep up to date on libraries and technology.

1. Google Reader

  • I love Google Reader. I did use Bloglines when I was first introduced to RSS, but I’ve found that only having to log into one site to get emails/news/docs works well for me.
  • I manage to keep from being overwhelmed by skimming headlines and marking interesting articles “keep unread” to review in more depth at a later time.

2. Delicious

  • Delicious makes me happy. I can get at my work related links from any computer in any browser, and see who else has found them interesting. And then see what they have also found interesting.

3. Journal Alerts

  • While I do have access to the professional journals that are useful to my job, they often don’t make their way to me for months. Instead of waiting for the print copy I utilize journal alerts.
  • How to sign up:
  1. Go to EBSCO & Sign-in
  2. Find a publication that you would like to follow (ex Feliciter)
  3. Click on the little RSS icon
  4. Click on edit to ensure the settings are correct
  5. Click “save” then “continue”

You can find the journal alerts in your EBSCOhost folder.

I don’t use Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date because I don’t find them workplace appropriate, and I’m not sure how much new information they add to what I’m already getting.

What tools do you use to keep up to date? Am I missing out on something wonderful?


2 thoughts on “3 Tools to keep you up to date

  1. Mozilla’s Thunderbird has recently become my feed reader of choice. I’ve used it as my e-mail client for years, and although it can be a little temperamental at times, it’s nice to be able to check all my e-mails (home, business, and school) and my RSS feeds in the same place. Plus, I can export my feed list and load it into Google Reader for when I’m on the road.

  2. Re #3: For those of us not in school (yet or anymore), your local public library may offer EBSCO access to cardholders. VPL does.

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