Being web-savvy

I like to talk about tech and the internet, mostly because it is what I deal with in my work-life. Previously, I’ve written about early adopters, but I wanted to add some resources to the conversation. This is partly due to a course description that I recently I saw, which was offering to train people in the following technologies:

It is a long list for sure. But I can see several things that are missing; facebook and other personal networking sites, twitter, reddit and other social sharing sites, as well as streaming audio and video to name a couple.

And recently the Library 101 project has been released. It includes essays, a music video, and resources. The project has been met with derision by some here and here and enjoyment by others here and the comments on the library 101 website. And definitely check out this post:

What do you think about new web technologies and their application in libraries? Do we get enough education about them? Or do you feel like we’re not learning enough? Does your workplace provide in-house training on the web tools that they are using? Are they using applications like twitter, facebook or librarything?

There are a lot of questions that we can ask surrounding web technologies, what is good for the library and when? What is good for our patrons? How do we deal with things that surround these new things? Privacy, security, hardware needs, supporting software, etc.

It’s a complicated topic, that I approach through keeping on top of the news via rss feeds and sites like delicious and reddit. And I can’t forget my favourite journal Computers in Libraries. But I know I miss out an a fair bit of what is going on- I often ask my younger sister or my tech-savvy co-worker to find out what is new and popular. What do you do to keep up?


2 thoughts on “Being web-savvy

  1. I think I got enough training in one of my Langara classes to at least get me started, and suggest other things to check out. We started using Delicious at my company library for sharing useful sites between our Vancouver & Calgary library staff.

  2. I love delicious! But I recently discovered that to make a new account that you have to sign-up through yahoo.

    I’m not sure what I think about that.

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