Items of Interest

This latest installment of Items of Interest is brought to you by the fact that there are only 20 days left in the semester! Unfortunately, until December 10, it seems that finding the time to keep up with this column is becoming more and more of a challenge…especially now that I’m working two days a week!

Nevertheless, in anticipation of a future installment, in which I have every intention of breaching the Books vs Ebooks (and according to the New York Times Book Review vs Vooks) debate, I leave you with one of my favourites from Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, the geniuses behind Penny Arcade:

Penny Arcade Comic: Progress
Image Source: Copyright 2009 Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins.


That’s it for now. Join us again soon for another installment of Items of Interest and don’t forget to send your own interesting items to, with the subject Items of Interest.


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