Finding Images

In both our professional and our personal lives, it is good to know where we can get free and interesting images to spice up a presentation or to use in the family’s annual Christmas letter.

There are a couple of tools that help out with your search:

GazoPa Similar Image Search: This is a new image search service that searches for similar features, still in beta, but it looks promising.

(Also, if you like this check out: Gwap’s Squigl)

Googe Image search

  • Has a creative commons setting (see advanced search)
  • Now includes “similar images” below some picture (try “Eiffel Tower”)
  • Allows you to search by image type (click on “Show options”)

Google Image Search "Effiel Tower"

Images Canada: Allows for non-commercial use of their pictures

Library of Congress’ Flickr Stream:

  • Don’t forget to just search Flickr’s Commons for good images without copyright restrictions.

Stock.xchng:  Make sure you scroll down to the second row of image results, for the free results.

Free Digital : Use of images requires acknowledgment of the host site.

What other sources do you guys use?


2 thoughts on “Finding Images

  1. After Wikipedia Creative Commons turned out disappointingly, I now use Flickr Creative Commons searches a lot for work newsletter pics. And there are amusing distractions… I mean inspirations.

  2. I spent more than a couple of minutes poking around in the flickr commons this afternoon. So many cool historical photographs!

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