Online Library Humour

My friends, in these troubling times we need all the laughs we can get.  Here are a few sites to get you started…
(Merchandise pages linked for your holiday shopping pleasure)

Written by a former librarian, these comics feature the staff and patrons of the Mallville Public Library. You may have seen the creators speak at the 2008 BCLA conference.  Sunday strips are comic pitches for new books.  Unshelved runs the annual Pimp My Bookcart contest and just launched an answer service by and for the library community. They also sell merchandise like print collections and t-shirts (“Read Irresponsibly”). Publishes daily through website, email, RSS, and LiveJournal.

Questionable Content:
Admittedly this comic spends more time in the coffeeshop, but the late-twentysomething main character does work in a college library. The creator also recommends interesting indie music in his comments and sells amusing merchandise, such as the “She Blinded me with Library Science” t-shirt. Publishes weekdays through website and RSS, plus creator’s Twitter feed.

Shelf Check:
This comic features an Associate Librarian in a public library, with emphasis on trends and politics in the library world. Unfortunately the site it’s hosted on is a bit awkward to navigate. Publishes several times per week through website and RSS, though it was last updated in August 2009.  Holiday or ending?  That’s part of the fun with webcomics – sometimes you never know.

Turn the Page:
This comic strip by a public library page only published erratically for two years, and is of spotty joke quality, but was worth wandering through.  Or I’m just be a sucker for library ninjas and stick figures with well done facial expressions.

Library Humour
These image sets on Flickr are full of library-related comics, ads and posters from all over the world.  Library Humour has more comics, including a lot of Unshelved, while Bibliothekarisch has more posters.  Both occasionally suffer from lack of translation.

The Laughing Librarian:
This site features library humour both in blog posting format and lists of links to older stuff. Includes songs, videos, quotes, and merchandise.

The Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette:
A blog for fans of dry, snarky humour and old-school subject heading word order.  Posts irregularly and offers a little merchandise.

Warrior Librarian Weekly’s Humor Index:
Biblia the Warrior Librarian boasts “over 200 pages of original library humor”, all with the proper citation at the bottom!  However this site may disappear when the Geocities hosting service does.  Keep an eye on the Original Warrior Librarian blog for details of a new site she’s planning. Merchandise is, of course, still available.

IFLA Library Humour:

IFLA staff gathered and posted these library jokes, though the site is no longer updated so a few jokes are not aging well.  Yes I’m looking at you, O.J. Simpson joke.

What do you think of these sites? Can you recommend any other library humour sites or webcomics?


3 thoughts on “Online Library Humour

  1. Unshelved and Questionable Content – 2 of my daily laughs! Heather I’m going to add a couple of your links to the “library worker stories” post 🙂

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