January LTAIG Meeting

Monday January 18th, we had a LTAIG meeting that was very exciting.

As you might have noticed on our twitter feed (LTAIG) and the BCLA mailing list, we’re going to apply to become a section.  This is going to require a petition that includes at least 80 signatures of BCLA members. We’re currently editing so that we are ready to start collecting signatures at BCLA Conference in April.  Also at the BCLA Conference there will be a round table on the topic of “Library Support Staff in the Big Picture” facilitated by Sarah Felkar and Stephen Karr.

We also heard about the huge progress being made towards the creation of a mentorship program.  The meeting minutes will be posted shortly, and there are some pictures available under to “Gallery” menu.

Some additional updates, the 2009 salary survey is now up on the website under “Archives> Surveys”, and pictures from the Vancouver December Social are up under the “Gallery” menu.

As always, if you have any topics that you feel that you would like to contribute to the blog with, or you just have an essay or article that you feel would be fitting, email ltaigblog@gmail.com
(especially if you work with kids/teens, outside of a library or in technical services).


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