Items of Interest

Hello LTAIGers!

I hope everyone has a lovely May Long Weekend planned and that the barbeques are primed for grilling!

Some LTAIG items that might interest you:

Some of the LTAIG chapters have their meeting minutes up on the website:

  • To check them out go to the website and either go to “Chapters” at the top and choose meeting minutes or go to “Meeting Minutes” at the side and choose “Chapters”

From the BCLA conference:

  • The pre-conference presentation that LTAIGers Shanna Meunier and Sarah Felkar put on along with Michelle Mallette of UBC is available here:
  • The roundtable “Library Support Staff in the Big Picture” that Sarah and Stephen co-facilitated was great fun (and informative) and we have the notes from the presentation here:
  • We introduced LTAIG’s petition to become a section at the conference and already have over 50 signatures!  Over the next year, until the next BCLA AGM, we will be continuing to collect signatures.  If you want to print out a copy of the petition or take a look at our draft constitution and by-laws, they’re on the website on the left sidebar “Section Campaign”.

In other news:

Check out Canada’s new eReader the Kobo:

  • If you have a Chapter’s store nearby it will have a floor model for you to play with, if not, the website gives a fairly good overview.

Take a look at UBC’s Digital Tattoo Project:

  • It is an initiative to educate students on awareness of their digital identity, and how to manage it.
  • Has 5 self paced lessons: Protect, Connect, Learn, Work, Publish
  • The idea is to raise awareness and be engaged in the management of your online identity
  • Not only useful for students but for anyone- potential employers look online!
  • The presentations on their website can be re-used at your library.

If you would like to keep learning about reference and libraries check out these two links!

Take care and have a great weekend!


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