Big Question: Favourite Branch

Library staff tend to get asked a lot of questions, but rarely about ourselves.  Except that patron who’s a leeeeetle too intense…

We at LibTech Soup care about you and your opinions. And we’re nosy.  So occasionally LibTech Soup will pose The Big Question for your pondering and commenting pleasure.  Suggestions for future questions are most welcome.

Today’s Big Question: Which is your favourite library branch ever, and why?


11 thoughts on “Big Question: Favourite Branch

  1. That’s a tough question. If your talking public, I would have to go with the central VPL branch. It is so modern, the design is awesome. I could just get lost in there. My favourite one ever though would have to be MacPherson Library, the main library at UVic, where I got my psych degree back in the day. I could get lost in there too, and wow, I did some serious research in there. I have great memories from that library.

  2. I would agree- the Central branch is my favourite, too. Otherwise, some of the absolutely stunning ones I saw in Europe would be second. Thinking in particular of one at the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Frescoes and everything!

  3. I choose the library that I grew up with – the Newton branch of SPL- so many good memories of using the computers, finding good books (and bad ones), and a sense of “home”.

    I’ve visited lots of lovely libraries (and plan on continuing to do so) but none have the memories the Newton does!

  4. Like Stephen it’s a tough question to answer… there are sooooo many good libraries…….(usually it is the one I’m working in)

    I think I would have to say my favorite library is the one that I helped catalogue three years ago … St. Andrew’s Elementary . I think if it is possible to leave part of you behind in building space this would be it… I started tin the old library with its blue walls and poor lighting and saw/experienced the work in progress as it was being built….I never really had the opportunity to see the entire completed project because we moved before the official opening….

  5. I would have to say my favourite branch for UBC is the Education Library. It’s one of the friendliest branches on campus.

    I also really love the West Vancouver Memorial Library because it has both a garden area and a coffee shop inside the library.

  6. Well, I haven’t lived ever yet but to this point my favourite Library is the Murrayville library. The Murrayville library is a small very friendly safe feeling library. The floor is not carpeted so you don’t get a dusty old feel that you get in some libraries.

    The patrons in this library are an added bonus to an already exceptional job posting. They come in and joke with you and share their lives with you and you watch the children grow. Very close knit group. I loved it there and of the 17 Fraser Valley Regional Libraries that I worked in that was my favourite.

  7. I have always loved the Albert Branch of the Regina Public Library. This little library, situated in a rather dodgy part of Regina, has a fabulous Aboriginal collection which I used heavily while in University. The library walls feature many pieces of unique and beautiful aboriginal art and there is a strong sense of community within.

  8. I’d have to agree with Stephen that my favourite library is the Central Branch of VPL. My daughter and I have never seen such a large folklore and fairy tale section! It was difficult to tear ourselves away. All the escalators are also a lot of fun.

  9. When I used to work for the TNRD, I always thought the Bookmobile was the coolest idea for a library branch ever — books delivered on a quaint bus to little communities all along the highways, and seeing the smiles on everyones faces as they found something new for them to read. It was an excellent community service!

    Adventuring further abroad, there’s a prefectural library in the countryside in Mie, Japan that impressed me with its plentiful reading spaces and sunny interior, not to mention a sizeable English language section that makes our own foreign language sections look anemic. The Seattle Public Library is also eye-catching, for other reasons of course — unusual architecture, creative use of open space, and a very studious atmosphere.

    Closer to home, I’m very fond of the Bruce Hutchison Branch of GVPL in Victoria, which combines friendly service with a community/family atmosphere, as the library is adjoined to the local recreation centre. Whoops, was 4 favourites too many? 🙂

  10. I have to agree with Kyle’s comments on the Seattle Public Library. Having had the opportunity to visit the branch in February, I was taken aback, not only by the structure itself, but by the approach to library services that becomes evident when you step inside the doors. (This is the first library I’ve ever been in where the Dewey numbers are incorporated into the tiling on the floors!)

    A little closer to home, I’d have to say that the Charles Woodward Memorial Room in the Woodward branch of the UBC libraries always takes my breath away. Such a warm space with so much history — it almost makes me wish I’d gone to UBC.

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