Big Question no. 5: Interview Questions

What was your scariest interview question?

(Hope this doesn’t trigger any traumatic flashbacks!)


7 thoughts on “Big Question no. 5: Interview Questions

  1. A bit general, but I dread the “Name a time (or two) when you showed…” leadership/teamwork/thinking outside of the box/etc. Those questions are tough, and hard to prepare for.

    But since I haven’t had an interview lately, there are probably worse ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I found in an job interview earlier this year that it is often the question not asked that can be a minefield. Do not assume anything. I assumed heck everyone knows about social media by now so I did not bother to mention my extensive experience in their use. DOH!

  3. The last difficult one for me was salary expectations. I later found out that they chose someone else because I suggested $1/hr more than they had in mind. Lesson: if you’re prepared to be flexible, say that clearly.

  4. I have been asked several times “Give me an example of a time when you had a mistunderstanding with a coworker and they with you” I cannot for the life of me think of anything for this one even though I KNOW I’ve had them, they’re just so trivial that nothing ever sticks out!

  5. The hardest question I ever had was, “Do you work well with others and what would your co-workers say about you? ”

    I told them that most would give a positive response but that I was currently experiencing difficulties with a co-worker and that she probably wouldn’t say the same.

    The co-worker had actually turned my dream job into the job from hell so I needed to get another job or I probably would have ended up on a stress leave.
    The interview committee told me that they appreciated my honesty and I got the job. Since then I’ve gotten much better dealing with difficult people.

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