Big Question no. 6: Useful Things

What is the most useful resource for your work & why?
(example: reference book, database, website, coworker, lucky charm…)


8 thoughts on “Big Question no. 6: Useful Things

  1. Google Reader. Hands down. I gather my feeds, and can bookmark the interesting posts for deeper reading later. Without it, I wouldn’t be on top of technology news. If I could figure out how to get rss feeds from twitter, I would never have to leave ๐Ÿ™‚

    As a note, this blog’s direct feed:

  2. I also use WorldCat a lot while I’m cataloguing and find it to be very good. Another of my well-used resources is Follett’s Titlewave – I order a great deal of items from them for the school library in which I work. They have a fantastic selection and decent prices, though they are a bit sloooow on the delivery side of things.

  3. Hands down, Follett Destiny. Sometimes the shared cataloguing done by others drives me nuts, but the time saved with 40 schools cataloguing has given me time to do what I love, and that’s to actually help kids learn to choose books that they love.

    1. Hi Viv,

      I also use Destiny and and quite like it – Very user friendly and intuitive. As I work in a private school we are the only school in our ‘District’ on the program, so the shared cataloguing is not really an option, but would be interesting.


  4. As a library tech. in a public library, I greatly rely on that takes care of situations like, “oh, what was the book that I read last year on this theme you are looking for..” kind of situations. It helps me with my RA and I can’t do without it even for a day, given my volatile memory…I esp. love tagging and rating books.
    Vandy Advani

  5. I use NoveList a lot at work for collection development, finding the sequence and titles of books in a series, and to find out what a certain author has written. It is also a great database for Reader’s Advisory.

  6. Not to sound too ‘old fashioned’, but my lifesaver at work is my email client. It allows me to email vendors when our electronic journal collections are acting up, communicate with one of my colleagues who works off-site, and it helps me keep track/reminds me of my outstanding tasks.

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