BCLA Conference & AGM Info

The 2011 BCLA Conference will be held April 7-9 in Victoria.  If you don’t have employer sponsorship to go, you may be interested in volunteering or convening a room in exchange for free sessions.  Also, Sandra Cole is looking for help to staff the LTAIG table.

As you may have noticed on the LTAIG listserv, we’re trying to get as many people as possible out to the BCLA AGM.  We hope to pass a resolution raising LTAIG to Section status.  Becoming a Section would give us a seat on the BCLA executive and a stronger voice within BCLA.  The AGM is on Saturday April 9.

If you can’t make it to the conference you can still vote at the AGM using a proxy.  BCLA will soon send AGM information to all members, including a voting card.  You will also need the proxy form on page 6 of the BCLA Constitution (section 9).  Fill out both documents and send them with a BCLA member in good standing who is going to the AGM.  Each individual member can bring three proxies.

One way to arrange a proxy carrier is the BCLA 2011 Conference forum on the LTAIG discussion board.  A thread named Proxies has been created for people to exchange proxies for the AGM.  Another thread, Rideshare, is for discussing rides to the conference.  You are welcome to create new threads of course.

The resolution will only be part of the AGM if we have enough petition signatures from individual BCLA members in good standing.  Please check that your membership doesn’t expire before April 9, 2011.  Note that institutional memberships do not count for the petition, and that student memberships are free.


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