The LTAIG Dialogue: Ask what your association can do for you

As anyone who is on the LTAIG listserv knows, we are organising a dialogue for June 8th. This event is happening simultaneously at regional chapters around BC and is part local meeting, part facilitated online get-together for all chapters via Skype. The hope for this event? That we walk away feeling more included in what’s going on with LTAIG, and that LTAIG leaves with a little more going on.

A lot of our time in LTAIG has centred for the past year around the petition for section status. This campaign continues as we head into our second year of collecting signatures (thanks, Sandra, for taking this on!). Gaining section status will bring LTAIG a slightly different name and a seat of the BCLA board, but it isn’t going to do our work for us. Defining what is important for technicians and assistants in BC, and creating the opportunities and support structures that will keep us relevant and engaged over the years ahead is what will determine our association’s success.

The June 8th Dialogue is about sharing ideas and planning the future. Canada is home to many vibrant tech associations that put on conferences, host speakers, publish newsletters, organise social events, keep current, and have fun. What is LTAIG doing that works? What is LTAIG not doing that it ought to?

If you don’t live near to a regional chapter (Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, the Okanagan, and the Fraser Valley), you can still have your voice heard by completing the online pre-dialogue questionnaire. Any other questions, or to be put in touch with your regional chapter, email ltaigchair[at]

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