Big Question No. 8: Professional Development

While my libtech program covered an amazing range of skills and topics, there were some we didn’t have time to explore or didn’t explore in depth.  For example, I would like more training in basic book repair but I work at a small library with no one to coach me.  Eventually I’ll need refreshers in some areas too, plus technology and practices are evolving (hellooooo, RDA).

What kind of topics would you like for professional development?  Which format would best suit the topic(s) and your schedule: workshops?  Conference sessions?  Webinars?  Continuing education classes?  Online classes?  Boot camp?  Other?


7 thoughts on “Big Question No. 8: Professional Development

  1. Basic book repair would be lovely. Use of Social media in and out of the workplace and basic computer troubleshooting would be good workshops to provide to students. I like the workshop method, as it gives a chance for discussion, working out difficulties and lots of questions rather than being talked at for a few hours. Boot camp might be neat too.

  2. Definitely book repair. For this I would prefer a workshop. With no real training for RDA I think a class would best fit my situation.

    Doing only circulation for a year and a half, I found moving onto cataloging and acquisitions a little tricky when starting a new job. With no training it would have been great to take an online refresher class.

  3. What I really want is to sit in a room with people in similar positions at other libraries and share resources, strategies, techniques.

    I love workshops or working groups, training that is facilitated by someone, but is really hands on.

    That said, the occasional informational webinar or conference session is okay, as long as it is short.

  4. “All of the above”? Conference sessions that were more inclusive of LTAs would be a boon to attending conference, certainly. I’m partial to the webinar format since I think it can best address our geographic disparity in BC. I may just be parroting Sarah here, but I’d like to see some skill-share sessions where we mine our own resources first. A half-day session where two or three topics are chosen, each with a named facilitator, and we do a go-round of tips and tricks? I think this could be done online or in person for most topics.
    …and I might know someone in Chilliwack who could do (basic) book repair? How in depth would people like?

    1. Re depth of book repair session: my big problem is tipping in individual pages that have fallen out of glued spines, usually when the spine cracks. Cuss words have yet to be invented which are vile enough to describe my opinion of those types of spines.

      Maybe also discussion of basic materials, like which kind of tape to use for what. One repair issue at my library is dealing with 20-30 year-old tape repairs that are falling apart.


  5. Book repair! I just completed my 1 month practicum. One of my tasks was to repair the oversize children’s soft cover books that are no longer published. Therefore, the librarian was hoping to to have them repaired so that the books can remain in circulation
    I was given, clear tape, some sticky white tape, scissor and had access to a stapling machine. I’d like to learn alternatives for repairing books that are one of kind, no longer published but still have some value to remain circulation. I agree with Tamahoc re: webinar, adobe connect format so we can all join in and hopefully the information, conversation, questions would be saved, and made available for those who may not be able to attend.
    Jo-Anne C.

  6. Book repair would be a good one. I learned some book repair in my last job, but would definitely like to round out my knowledge in that area. Another one that I’ve been wanting to see, in a workshop if not in program curriculum, is the reference interview.

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