Big Question No. 9: Blog Name

This question is particularly aimed at the non-library technicians among us: Are you satisfied with the current LTAIG blog name, LibTech Soup?  If not, could you suggest something more inclusive?

7 thoughts on “Big Question No. 9: Blog Name

  1. Are you referring to those who are completing the Diploma but not working in a library or have never worked in a library setting? i.e. me. Just curious as to why there is a suggestion to consider a new blog name.

    1. Hi Jo-Anne, I was referring to those who haven’t done the diploma and thus might be excluded by the Lib Tech part of the name.

  2. Perhaps it could be a bit more inclusive for library assistants, but we’d have to be careful — LibTechAss Soup doesn’t sound all that appetizing to me. 😉

  3. We went through a name selection only a couple years ago/ I remember as I entered a name in the contest. I think it is fine the way it is and we shouldnt be changing names too often as it takes time to educate people as to brand naming. Norm Barry, Langara Lib Tech Student.

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