Items of Interest

Public library staff may particularly relate to Jen Campbell’s posts about odd things customers have said in a British bookshop (and staff reactions).  She’ll be publishing a book of these posts soon.  Thanks to Neil Gaiman’s blog for the link.

Fort Vancouver Regional Library in Washington just opened a lovely new library that will anchor a future mixed-use development.  Thanks to public input during the design phase the building includes coffeeshop, community meeting rooms, bookstore, and adult-focused rooftop fireside reading room.  It also features areas for children, tweens, and teens, plus an Early Learning Center.  The building itself is registered at the LEED Silver level for sustainability.  See Tim Newcomb’s blog at ENR magazine and the FVRL website for more.

Are our colleagues at McMaster University facing union-busting by attrition?  The Edmonton Chapter of the Progressive Librarians’ Guild thinks so; check out their response to McMaster University Libraian Jeff Trzeciak’s new policy (and the manner of its announcement).  Thanks to Gwen Harris’ Internet News blog for the link.

Another interesting item from the Internet News blog: Scientific American reports that OdeWire uses search semantics to aggregate positive news from a variety of international sources.  The site, currently in public beta testing, is a collaboration between Ode Magazine and Federated Media Publishing.  Something for your most pessimistic and loud patron perhaps?

Looks like we’re not the only ones interested in professional development: the latest issue of Partnership reports that The Partnership Plans National Implementation of a Continuing Education Certification Program.  This program started with a pilot project run by the Library Association of Alberta, who will develop and implement the nationwide program.  In future it should be available to all types of library staff nationwide (including technicians and assistants).


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