Big Question No. 10: Fave Blogs/Twitterers

Since you have the good taste to read LibTech Soup, the most awesome blog in all the universe forever and ever, surely you read other awesome things.  What blogs and/or Twitter feeds do you recommend following and why?
(library-related or not)

Here are some new ones since my last blog/webcomic roundup:

  • SLA Future Ready 365 features a new post every day from information professionals on how to make and keep yourself and your organization “future ready”. Recently there have also been posts from related fields like technical writing.
  • Internet News reports on developments in internet searching, aggregation/awareness, search result optimization, and online tools, as well as related companies.
  • Al Jazeera English: while not technically a blog, you can subscribe to their RSS feed for news articles (I use Google Reader).  Check it out if you want broader international coverage than CBC.
  • xkcd describes itself as “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language.”   The occasional one requires a more advanced education, but the rest are great (IMHO).
  • Girls with Slingshots has been one of my regular webcomics for years, but now that Clarice got a public library job I’ll share it here (see also: fun with patrons, more patrons, and yet more).  The late-20-something characters explore romance, careers, sex, talking houseplants, and odd cats. Sometimes a bit not safe for work.

Speaking of library humour, check out our previous posts on library humour webcomics and blogs:

Anyway, please comment below to recommend blogs and/or feeds.


One thought on “Big Question No. 10: Fave Blogs/Twitterers

  1. This post made me realise how long I have been ignoring my RSS reader… I am really pretty dependent on twitter to hand me the news and interesting links to read. I’ll read blog posts, certainly, but not one with any stunning regularity!
    Anyhow, a few tweeters to check out if you need new accounts to follow:
    * @awsamuel — Media, tech and culture; based in Vancouver!
    * @SlightlyAskew — Librarian in Calgary; libaries, books, and nerdy crafting.
    * @teenbrarian — Like the name suggests, and based in Lethbridge. (I’m on a YA kick because of my new job).
    * @The_Pigeon — That’s your pal Mo Willems’ pigeon, folks!
    * @vanessafox — Saw her present at BCLC this past spring: Very smart tech lady whose Google insider status gives some interesting insights.
    * @maryakem — Systems librarian & cataloguer in West Van.
    * @shlew — Systems librarian and self-described bibliophile. And local.
    * @tararobertson — Systems librarian at Emily Carr (do you see a trend here?)
    * @zephoria — Media, culture and often youth-related commentary. All round smart lady.
    * @geekthelibrary — Proves libraries, advocacy and design are in fact a perfect match.

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