Phil’s Items of Interest, Oct. 7-9, 2011

Please welcome Phil Menger to LibTech Soup!  You may have seen Phil’s informative emails on the LTAIG and UFV listservs.  Special thanks to our mighty Interim Convenor and Mentoring Queen, Tamarack Hockin, for recruiting Phil. 

Copyright Case Supreme Court USA: Equal Protection for Shostakovich? Justices Question Lawyers in Copyright Case from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Want a job? Dress up your social media. 69% of Hiring Managers Have Rejected Candidates Based on Social Networking Presence from ResourceShelf.

Happy Birthday ALA! ALA’s 135th Birthday from ResourceShelf.


3 thoughts on “Phil’s Items of Interest, Oct. 7-9, 2011

  1. Interesting article attached to ALA’s 135th Birthday: 90 men and 13 women? Woah. Gender distribution in libraries has changed a bit. It is also neat to think about the changes to our reasons for gathering as an association — sharing skills and information is still a huge draw, but forming professional relationships is now a more explicit reason for association.
    (I also can’t help picturing wiskey and cigars in a cloistered library when thinking of ALA in 1876!)

  2. Thanks for the interesting article reads, Phil. I just can’t wrap my head around the 69% number for social media hiring rejections — seems way too high to me. According to Reppler (where the article originated), they only pooled 300 HR managers so maybe it wasn’t a wide enough net. I’ve met more than one hiring manager who doesn’t even know how Facebook works. 🙂

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