LTAIG AGM Reminder

Hi LTAIGers,

I encourage you all to attend the LTAIG Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 21 from 7-9pm. This is an appropriate day for such an occasion because it is also Canadian Library Support Staff Day!

The AGM will be an opportunity to catch up on ongoing projects and meet with colleagues and LTAIGers you may not have seen for a while. There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in LTAIG. Please consider volunteering for one of the new volunteer positions or even a position that has an incumbent. New and incumbent positions are indicated in the AGM package which is emailed to you when you confirm your attendance here.

Please join us for another fun social event! There will be a social following the Vancouver – Fraser Valley AGM and a social before the Prince George Chapter gathers to attend the AGM via Skype.

Get involved, gain experience, socialize, collaborate, have fun!

If you want to contribute and you cannot attend the AGM via the Surrey, Prince George or Okanagan locations, you may contact the LTAIG Chair or one of the Chapter Liaisons to obtain more information and/or submit your name for a position ahead of time. Here’s the agenda, which includes the volunteer positions available.

Chapter Liaisons:

Vaunda Dumont,
LTAIG PG Chapter Co-chair


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