Call for Submissions – OALT Winter Newsletter

Have you accomplished something you’re proud of? Initiated a project at work or through volunteering? Or have you shown people HOW IT’S DONE at the library? Then here’s your chance to brag and possibly win a prize at the same time.

The Ontario Association of Library Technicians is seeking submissions for its Winter issue and welcomes voices from us here in the West.

From their website:

Our theme for the Winter issue is Blazing New Trails – a tie into our 2012 Conference “Blazing New Trails/Decouvrir de Nouvelles Voies” in King City.

We would like to hear from our members about:

  • Library Technicians who have initiated projects at work or through volunteering.
  • Library Technicians who have started their own business.
  • Library Technicians who are taking on more of a leading role not only in their libraries/work places but also in their professional lives.
  • Library Technicians who are blazing new ways in how to offer library services.
  • Library Technicians who are taking on roles/responsibilities outside the typical scope of our profession.

EDITORS DRAW! : For every submission we receive, we will enter your name in a random draw for a special prize that will be drawn at the 2012 conference!

The names entered in the draw will be authors that contributed to the Fall 2011, Winter 2012 and Spring 2012 issue. While we encourage multiple submissions, your name will only be entered once in the draw

Please submit your articles to:

For submission guidelines and more details, please see the website at

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