Items of Interest

10 LinkedIn Tips to Boost your Job Search by Kristin Burnham on IT World Canada.
(thanks to the Internet News blog, though their post isn’t working now)


As LTAIG and BCLA work on getting members from all over the province involved, check out how SLA did virtual conference attendance this year.  SLA Conference 2011 – Virtual Component by Dawn Bassett, from the SLA Western Canada Chapter’s Wired West blog.  Would you be interested in that kind of conference experience?


What is a Coordinator of User Experience, and what are they doing in the Langara College library?  Interview with Joyce Wong, also from Wired West.


An interesting excerpt from an SLA Future Ready blog post:

But even with a definition of what this type of economy is, what are the practical applications of being part of the information/knowledge economy? Knowledge and information is put on a pedestal, but information centers and libraries are not acknowledged as the base of that pedestal. Instead, this observer has come to view the situation as a kind of the-emperor-has-no-clothes scenario: everyone values information, but no one wants to fully fund it.

Is This the Information/Knowledge Economy? by Eileen Davenport, Oct. 21, 2011.


Want to search with both Google and Bing to make sure you don’t miss anything?  Try Askboth.  But wait, there’s more!  It will also search Twitter.  Yes, that’s right: three searches in one.  Recommended by Internet News.


On the other hand, how much are the results at these search engines distorted by being tailored to you?  (well, who it thinks you are)  Great Ted talk by Eli Pariser: Beware Online “Filter Bubbles.”


Still Awesome after All These Years: Eight Excellent Free Downloads by PCWorld, via Internet News.


Swim the Digital Tsunami with these 5 Web Tools to Fix Information Overload by Saikat Basu on makeuseof.  Internet News recommended them, particularly for managing social media.


And, in closing, a fun fact: the seventh-most common search engine string that found this blog is Savage Chickens.


One thought on “Items of Interest

  1. I would definitely be interested in a virtual conference; living and working in Prince George means that conferences include not only the registration fee, but also travel, hotel and per diem costs, as well as time away from home, packing (and who honestly enjoys packing?!), and disruption of my personal life. While I consider all this part of the joy of living in the north, I would definitely be interested in an online opportunity.

    I am also now wondering how search engines are finding this blog using those keywords! I don’t remember seeing anything on here about savage chickens… 😛


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