Phil the Web Crawler – OCLC introduces WorldShare

Everything you wanted to know about OCLC’s WorldShare.  Well not really. Can anyone fill us in on how this development will affect us in Canada and BC?


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One Response to Phil the Web Crawler – OCLC introduces WorldShare

  1. Nigel Long says:

    Hello Phil and BCLA Library Technicians and Assistants:
    The OCLC WorldShare platform is available in Canada to support applications developed by the community and the OCLC cooperative. Examples of applications including proof of concepts can be seen here: . The OCLC WorldShare Management Services are providing a new approach to managing library services cooperatively including integrated acquisitions, cataloguing, patron administration, resource sharing and e-resource management. The first library in Canada to adopt the service is the University of New Brunswick. Thanks for your interest.
    —Nigel Long, Library Services Consultant, Western Canada, OCLC, Calgary, AB.

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