Looking back (and forward!) on LTAIG Mentoring

LTAIG’s Mentoring Program is getting ready for its final run. In 2012 LTAIG will become part of an association-wide mentorship program. This new BCLA Mentorship Program is an expansion of LTAIG’s mentoring work, and we are very happy that the larger association has seen the value in fostering meaningful connections between members.

As we get ready for the last intake to run (January 2nd to March 12th, 2012), we wanted to share some feedback from past participants in the program.

“I have high praise for the LTAIG mentoring program. In 2010, I was a recently graduated mentee paired with an experienced mentor. Sarah was a very good match for me. We both were working at academic libraries, and had similar interests. I was in Vancouver and she was in Victoria, but she made herself very accessible to me through e-mail and phone chats, and a meeting in Victoria. She was very helpful to me with respect to career development, confidence building, and social support, as I navigated the field I had only recently entered. I believe the mentoring program can be helpful to anyone who is a library tech student, or a recent graduate.”

Stephen. LTAIG Mentee.

“It was really a great to be able to share some of my experience, and hopefully help someone new have a chance to get a job in a public library here in Canada. Mentoring made me realize how lucky I am to have and love my job. Having a mentor would have saved me so much worry when I finished the diploma course at Langara.”

Linda. LTAIG Mentor.

Has this piqued your interest? Get in touch with LTAIG’s Mentoring Committee at ltaig.mentoring@gmail.com.


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