Doing your LibTech Program Requirement in Italy

Doing my homework
Doing my homework

Picture this — you are wearing your bathing suit, your journal and a pen (no, not a computer) in front of you.  You are sitting outside in a terrace, and while contemplating on what to write next, you look afar and admire the rows of cypress trees lining the road, the olive groves, the stone houses…

Oh, but it’s oh so hot. The Tuscan sun is beating down upon your face. It’s making you thirsty, so you grab your very chilled limoncello in front of you and you take a sip. It’s getting late in the afternoon so you put the final dot on that last sentence of your homework on Bernini and decide to head to the pool for a dip.

Romantic fiction you say? Uhhmm … no, that is me last summer getting my 6 University credits for the LibTech Program.

The Langara LibTech Program requires you to have 3 university transfer courses. They have suggestions, but they are not mandatory. You have the leeway to take whatever interest you (as long as it is a university transfer course, verify), or what you feel will benefit you according to what kind of library you hope to work for.

I have leanings toward the art world, so I have decided to take Art History in Italy. I am coming to the end of my program, I can say unequivocally that this has been the highlight for me.

Uffizi Library
Uffizi Library (I snuck in, library geek that I am)

It has provided me with 6 credits or 2 University Transfer courses. It is a huge relief on my second year because it has  lightened my course load tremendously. To be able to kill two birds with one stone in such a rich and satisfying manner (always with a glass of wine in your hand) is indescribable,  plus, it is only for one month (although, this could be a negative, after all, it’s Italy) of your summer time.

The class leaves at the end of April, so talk to your instructors to make sure that you will be done with everything. I’ve made sure to finish my practicum by this date, otherwise, you can do it when you are back in June (everyone else in my program did their practicum after the regular classes are over, which is May or June).

If you have never been to Europe, this is the perfect opportunity. Go! I cannot say enough good things about it.

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