How to be Fresh on the Social Café

Student Corner

Help! The beginning of a semester brings new classes, likely with previous instructors, and mostly with the same students. There is, of course, an obligatory brief introduction of yourself to the class, this is done by posting in the Discussion Board’s Social Café.
After introducing yourself in 5 different classes in the first semester, you may get a bit bored of talking about yourself, your pet and your aspirations of becoming a Library Tech. (Besides, several of the people in your classes may already be your “friend” on Facebook.)

So, how to do you write an interesting mini autobiography for the umpteenth time? Should you write about your summer or winter vacation? Do you talk about your kids, work, pet…? To try out something different for one class, I have written a Top Ten Things (David Letterman style) about myself. For another, I have lamented about my love/ hate relationship with “Marc.”

But, now what? Anyone have any fresh ideas?


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