Phil the Web Crawler

– Why Neil Young hates MP3 and what you can do about it.

– Canada is number one! The ten most educated countries in the world.

– Elsevier Publishing Boycott Gathers Steam Among Academics.  Elsevier, the global publishing company, is responsible for The LancetCell, and about 2,000 other important journals; the iconic reference work Gray’s Anatomy,along with 20,000 other books—and one fed-up, award-winning mathematician.

– What IT Professionals Can Learn from Librarians.

– Jonathan Franzen recently mistakenly stepped away from his day job to speechify  saying eBooks are not for “serious readers”.  Yet when his latest book (I feel it was a brick  although I loved The Corrections) Freedom was published it was immediately available as an eBook on iBooks.  You can read the dead tree lover calling the e-kettle black here.  And the contrary view (thank you Sarah Felkar) here.

– Scholars Seek Better Ways to Track Impact Online: Researchers, librarians, and programmers work in a loose partnership to develop alternative methods of tracking research’s paths through social media.

– So where are the educational apps for adults?

A particularly electric episode of CBC radio’s “Spark” including Cory Doctorow on “The Coming War on General Purpose Computation” and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority’s Bryon Holland on Copyright and Open Internet

– A New Culture of Learning: Rethinking Education.


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