Phil the Web Crawler

– From hero to bum – Nancy Pearl: caught in the anti-Amazon backlash.

– Canadian providers of Internet service are not broadcasters, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday, exempting ISPs from government regulation and requirements to help finance Canadian content.

– Booksellers Indigo Books and Music and Books-a-Million join Barnes & Noble in refusing to sell Amazon-published books – but Amazon may be looking into opening their own retail stores.

– Would you boycott Apple? It’s the tale of two Apples.  (And Dell, and Sony and IBM parts and well the list goes well beyond Apple.  Check out other Chinese products to boycott as well here).

– Could SOPA Pervade Canadian Copyright Law? Media industry lobbyists push for Bill C-11 to increasingly resemble besieged US net piracy bill.  Michael Geist reports:

– 102 Essential Science Fiction Books for Your Kindle (or your library).

– How to celebrate your favourite book: 10 Cult Literary Traditions for Truly Die-Hard Fans

– A low tech way to get some high tech help: a model for libraries? ‘I Need Some Help Over Here!’

–  I was in my early early 20s living in the US south during this time period which makes this find extremely relevant to my life:  Lost Malcolm X Speech Heard Again 50 Years Later.

– The future of education is near and its’s mobile.  New Media Consortium Names 10 Top ‘Metatrends’ Shaping Educational Technology.

– This just in!  Library saved from the graveyard!  “The library was dying!” says Julie Hildebrand, recalling her feelings when she was promoted to the directorship of the Independence Public Library (IPL), KS


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