Big Question no. 12: BCLA Conference

So are you planning to go to this year’s BCLA conference in Richmond?

If so, which session(s) are you most interested in?  Check them out here.

If not, why not?  (if you can say, of course)

LTAIG is considering offering preconference sessions the day before.  Please contribute to the discussion; what do you want and where do you want it?


3 thoughts on “Big Question no. 12: BCLA Conference

  1. Thanks for posting this, Heather! I`m hoping we can get some traffic happening on the discussion board. I`ve been to three conferences before, and highly recommend the experience.

    I have just registered to volunteer as a convenor. I`ve applied to convene on Friday, which means I will be able to attend on Saturday. Unless something comes up work-wise, and it conflicts, I plan on

  2. I just got approval to attend Friday, yay! Nice to have more than one business/special library related session, as compared to the last one I attended 2 years ago. The keynote & closing look great but can’t go with a Friday-only ticket (unless lots of people don’t buy tickets) and can’t justify a full conference ticket to my boss. Beats a kick in the Dewey with a frozen boot.

  3. I know I’m late to the thread, but I wanted to point out a few highlights for the conference. From the descriptions, it sounds like there are going to be a lot of interesting sessions on current issues like ebooks, copyright, and open data — and also the timeless art of reference services!

    For LTAs especially, note that Christina Neigel from UFV’s Library Tech program is presenting two sessions: “Shape Shifting: Library Education, Work and Expectations for the Future”, and “Future by Design: building creativity and innovation in a library culture”. I also know there are techs presenting Saturday afternoon in “Don’t Be a barrier: Emotional Intelligence Approach to Customer Service” and “Speed Mentoring for Library Professionals” (that second one is me!).

    More at the conference website:

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