Phil the Web Crawler

– Obama Administration Unveils Promising Consumer Privacy Plan, but the Devil Will Be in the Details.

– Researchers Develop Digital Tools to Save Endangered Languages.  At the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in Vancouver, researchers described using online dictionaries, social media, and mobile-phone applications to document and revitalize some of those languages.

– Call for Volunteers for “Indigenous Knowledges:  Local Priorities, Global Contexts” April 12-14 in at UBC in Vancouver.  This is an opportunity for students interested in Indigenous and traditional knowledge--its creation, organization and access–to better understand the local and global issues under discussion in various parts of the world.

– E-Textbook Vendor Sues Publisher for Ending Licensing Agreement.  The case highlights potential problems that could arise as publishers work with third parties to create interactive textbooks.

– Three Facebook users die every minute.  How do you erase their digital footprint?  From CBC’s The Current: The Digital Afterlife: Facebook After Death.

– Have TED Talks jumped the shark?  Social media theorist Nathan Jurgenson says on CBC’s Q that TED Talks have become the corporate version of “Urban Outfitters of the ideas world”.

– SMILE!  You are being tracked and your worth is being assessed.  Every time you click a link, fill out a form or visit a website, advertisers are working to collect personal information about you.  After reading this you may wish to implement the solution in the post below.

– Want to block companies and social media sites from tracking your internet surfing?  Here are add on browser extensions that will block such tracking in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.

– Feb. 21, 1947: ‘Take a Polaroid’ Enters the English Language.  The camera, which became better known by the name of Land’s company, Polaroid, was the first so-called instant camera.

– OS X Mountain Lion Pounces on the Cloud.  “The net is that the personal cloud is becoming more important than the personal computer.”

– Meanwhile in the USA Feds Seize $50 Million in file sharing Megaupload Assets, Lodge New Charges.

– Attention all writers and aspiring writers.  Thanks Margaret Atwood for introducing us to Inkubate.

– But if you are stuck for a story to write check this out:  A Wrecking Ball for Writer’s Block: The Storymatic Creates Stories


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