Phil the Web Crawler – Clouds in my coffee, advertising in libraries, tracking internet footsteps and the future!

– Best Free Reference 2011: A Dozen Resources Spanning Arab Spring to World Public Opinion.

– What the?????  Tim Horton’s Library?  Ban books on tea?  Toronto Library To Sell Ads.

– This will not answer that ultimate question but it will give you some fodder for thought before going into your next job interview.   How to answer “What is your greatest weakness?”

– Half-Day Outage Darkens Microsoft’s Azure Cloud – ooooops!

– Some companies are already using their knowledge about you to determine what you see on the sites they’re affiliated with—not just the ads you see, but the actual content you read.  Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”.

– So what can you do about it?  There are new add ons for browsers that prevent tracking.   A new one developed by Mozilla is called Collusion.  It gives an excellent visual demo on how tracking occurs.  View the demo here.

– Meanwhile this contrarian says: Stop the ‘Do Not Track’ Madness.

– OCLC announces new agreements with publishers around the world, adds more content and collections to WorldCat Local.

– A Potter in every eLibrary.  Harry Potter eBooks to be distributed to Public and School Libraries through OverDrive.

– Cell phones as classroom.

– Calling all libraries – a must have: Dickens, Twain, Kerouac, Warhol: 400 Years of New York Diaries.

– Something you need to know for…uh…future reference.


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