My Typing Test Trepidation

Student Corner

I’m practically on my last lap on my Libtech program – only a month and a half left. What do you think would be weighing down heavily on my head – the finals, the endless research work, the often full of tension group projects or maybe the practicum? Well, you would be wrong.  What scares me the most is the required typing test.

The requirement is only 45 words per minute. I admit that is not a lot to ask for. From the very beginning, we have been constantly reminded to take the test. Like many people in the program, I put if off. But I can no longer put it off. I have submitted my graduation application and even an issue with Langara’s adjudication committee in regards to being a course short has been resolved. The only thing left now is the dreaded typing test.

Why is it so scary? After all, with all the school work that we have to do in the last two years, it is a rare day, that I am not in front of a computer typing. I think of an excuse – I’m double jointed and my fingers lock when I am typing (my high school typing teacher told me that).

There just isn’t a way around this typing test. I just need to do it. I finally make an appointment with Bobbie at Continuing Education and with enormous trepidation, I do it.

I wish that I am able to bestow an advice from all this. I wish that I can say that it isn’t so bad,  that it isn’t scary. But it is. The only advice that I can impart is… just do it. If you know that you are not a fast typist, the earlier you attempt the test and fail, the more time that you will have to keep trying.

Btw: I passed on my first attempt 😉 .


3 thoughts on “My Typing Test Trepidation

  1. That is funny. I walked into Noreen’s office one day all proud about my shiny to Library Tech diploma and then she says oh but there is one more thing (isn’t there always in anything worthwhile?) Typing test! Yeah I passed. Phew. And I thought cataloguing was stressful!

  2. Wow – your experience pretty much mirrors mine! I too passed easily, but still, with my whole diploma hanging on my fingers moving as quickly as they could, as correctly as they could, it was pretty nerve-wracking!

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