Phil the Web Crawler – Apps for Apes, mobile library services for humans, Magna still legal, your brain on fiction, and cursing at Captchas

– Criminal Charges Dropped in Canada Customs Manga Case.

The Future of Canadian Publishing as heard on CBC Radio’s Sunday Morning.  What surprised me was that two of the publishers felt people were reading LESS these days.  I guess they have not been to a local library lately. Listen here.

– That Sound You Hear? It’s The Library World Changing.

– The future of mobile devices for libraries.  Mobile library services are a leading innovation trend in libraries in 2012.

– Ebook Providers, ILS Vendors Move Rapidly to Remove Friction From E-Lending; OverDrive APIs Coming in April.

– Here is an interesting post from Librarians Without Borders: Is the Ghana Library Authority Serving Its Purpose?

– The Three Astronauts: A Vintage Semiotic Children’s Book about Tolerance by Umberto Eco.

– Can Children’s eBooks Provide “A Quiet Bedtime Read”?

– If you like me think Captcha is getting harder and harder to read you are not alone.  I wonder what the heck seniors are suppose to do!  Here is why it is getting harder to read those squiggles.

– You may have noticed that most major browsers now include a “do not track” app extension (more info here).  For instance since using my in Chrome a couple of weeks ago I have had a total of 6,844 attempts to track me stopped.  One conspicuous absence from the Do Not Track discussions is Facebook.

– Alan Turing’s Reading List: What the Computing Pioneer Borrowed from his School Library.

– Stop and read the lavender.  Your brain on fiction.

– Apps for Apes.  Got an old iPad you don’t need now that you just upgraded?  Donate it to an Orangutan.


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