Speed-Mentoring at UFV

Speed Mentoring, March 17, 2012

Photo credit: Scott Douglas

Just over a week ago I had the privilege of facilitating the second annual UFV speed-mentoring session for Library & Information Technology (LIBIT) alumni and students. It was great to meet the soon-to-be graduates of the program, and to reconnect with familiar faces. Once again, I was warmly encouraged to see busy alumni make time on a Saturday to come into the university and share with the students.

The workshop was a fun networking opportunity for students and alumni alike, providing us all with a brief taste of what mentoring is about: Making connections with new colleagues, sharing our experiences, asking questions, giving feedback, and encouraging one another. Students left tired after a long day of professional development (this session was just part of the day), and many commented on how helpful and enjoyable the afternoon had been. Alumni smiled and thanked me, mentioning how much they had liked the event!

This year we had six alumni, representing health, academic, public, school and special libraries. My hope for next year’s event is to open the afternoon up to more UFV LIBIT alumni and host a speed-networking workshop by library type rather than experience (thanks to Sheila for the suggestion!).

Thanks again to all the LIBIT alumni and students who made the day a wonderful success.

Many thanks to the UFV Alumni Association, without whose generous sponsorship this event could not have happened.  Please visit the university’s flickr page to see more photos from the day.


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