Phil the Web Crawler: DVDs are dead, Potter eBook mystery, data privacy, flying servers and death of a poet.

– New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations free webinar.

– Facebook Condemns Companies That Demand User Logins.

– Harry Potter and the Mysterious eBookstore.

– Online Film Viewing in U.S. to Top Discs in 2012, IHS Says.

– Congress Queries App Developers on Their Data Privacy Practices.

– And while we are on that topic:  How Safe Is Your Data Stored in Apple’s iCloud?

– Apple’s Biggest Hater Apologizes for Foxconn Fibs.

– Blackboard Buys 2 Leading Supporters of Open-Source Competitor Moodle.

– Facebook Asserts Trademark on Word ‘Book’ in New User Agreement.

– The Web Needs to Get Ready for the High-Resolution Future.

Flying servers!  Pirate Bay Sets Course for Un-Killable Cloud.

– It is always sad when a poet dies.  Adrienne Rich, feminist, essayist and above all a preeminent American Poet died March 28 at 82. 

– Fun bit of the week: Even Elephants Love Touchscreens [VIDEO]


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