Phil the Web Crawler – the power of introversion, kid proofing electronics, improving our information diet, and photos that justify staying inside all day (reading that good book).

– UPDATED: Toronto Library, Union Reach Deal.

– Governments, corporations are shopping for ways to hack your smartphone.

– Meanwhile in Australia police to cruise streets for unsecured Wi-Fi.

– Graduated Response Deal Steamrollers On Towards July 1 Launch.

– What Foxconn Changes Mean for Workers, the Industry and You.

– Got kids, will travel:  how to kid proof your electronics.

– Finally someone has discovered the real me: The power of introversion and the role of social media.

– Watch out Overdrive: Freading, the Ebook Sibling of Freegal, Shows Signs of Rapid Growth.

– Audiobooks transition into the mobile device age.  Libraries still the stronghold for audio books but consumer demand gaining.

– The American Library Association (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) recommends that you improve your information diet. 

– Feel like sitting inside and reading a book instead of frolicking outdoors?  Here are ten photos that justify staying inside all day.


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