Getting Ready to Vote

Siebuhr image credit of siebuhr, cc-by-nc.

Most of you know by now that LTAIG’s petition for section status has garnered enough signatures to be put to a vote at next month’s BCLA AGM. This accomplishment has been some time coming, and I am pretty sure a collective sigh of relief was heaved when LTAIG got the news. With our petition legitimized, we now need our resolution for the Library Technicians’ and Assistants’ Section (LTAS) to pass a vote at the AGM by a 75% super-majority. As it turns out, gaining section status in BCLA is actually quite a lot of work.

The LTAIG listserv has been awash in reminders about signing and supporting for almost as long as I have been a part of the group. A past LTAIG committee member, Emma Durand-Wood, got in touch with me earlier this week about the news. Her post over at the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog is a warmly welcome boost of support:

“I am particularly thrilled to hear this news; this turn of events is long overdue…. It’s pretty plain to see what a boon an LTAS would be for BC library techs and assistants, as well as the BC library community in general.”

Emma emailed me to ask what technicians and assistants in B.C. stand to gain if LTAS is created. Here is a bit of my response:

“…The most concrete benefit to technicians and assistants in B.C. will be a designated representative on the BCLA Board.

Our current state as an “interest group” is not only a misnomer, but according to the terms of BCLA’s constitution precludes representation on the board. This doesn’t mean that there are no technicians or assistants holding positions on the board, but it does mean that there is currently no one to speak on behalf of the collective interests of technicians and assistants…

Through the creation of LTAS we will be growing and strengthening the association, and we will be redefining it as a more inclusive place for technicians and assistants.”

Gaining section status is going to make a little history in the B.C. Library Association, it’s true. This is an important first step in getting more of what we want and need from professional association: Continuing education and professional development that is relevant to technicians and assistants, opportunities to network with colleagues, and recognition of the vital work we do in the B.C. library community.

We need your vote, folks. If you have individual membership, please make sure you are voting in person or by proxy:

  1. The BCLA AGM is open to all members, and you can come vote even if you aren’t attending the conference. The AGM will be held 9.00-10.15am, Saturday, May 12th at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. Sign in is at 8.30am. You can also check the ltaig forum for rideshare info.
  2. If you can’t make it but want to support the creation of LTAS, you can vote by proxy. Print and fill out a proxy form (leave the first two lines blank, just sign and date), and email to (fax also available, just ask).

If you can’t make it out, make sure you make your vote count. LTAS can’t wait another year.


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