Phil the Web Crawler – Pinterest for libraries, Access Copyright agreement (and disagreement), ancient texts, death of radio drama, archiving ‘Occupy’ and a bullet proof iPhone case.

– Thanks to Sylvia Nurse for this tip.  Pinterest: Revolutionizing the Way Libraries Are Used.

– Recruiters Only Look at Your Resume for an Average of Six Seconds and This Is What They See.

– Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada reaches agreement with Access Copyright (thanks Allan Webner for spotting this).

– Not everyone is happy with the new Access Copyright agreement.  Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) urges institutions to refuse to enter into the model license.

– Book world expresses disappointment, outrage over Pulitzer snub.

Here is an interesting item on eReaders and accessibility.  Included in the article is a great link to a detailed webinar on eReader accessibility.

– Registration Now Open for the TD National Reading Summit III May 2 – 4, 2012, Vancouver, B.C.

– Vatican, Bodleian Libraries will publish millions of ancient texts online.  Works that will be available for perusal will include Gutenberg’s Bible, believed to be the first text ever printed.

– The Eastern Washington Federal District Court ruled that the North Central Regional Library (NCRL) is not violating the First Amendment in how it filters Internet content on library computers.

– This week it was announced that the drama department at CBC Radio will soon be no more.  Scroll down, close your eyes and listen to the 3d hour of CBC Sunday Edition’s tribute to the theatre of the mind.

On the same edition of CBC Sunday Edition Indigo’s Heather Reisman gives her views on eBooks and the state of the book publishing industry in Canada.

– Seems like everyone is picking on the CBC these days.  Now a coalition representing private radio in Canada wants to shut down CBC’s new free music service.

– For Archivists, ‘Occupy’ Movement Presents New Challenges.

– Hey Boys and Girls!  Be the first on your block to get a bulletproof iPhone case!


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