Phil the Web Crawler – VPL workers outraged, Canada joins price fixing suit, free range learning, Digital Humanities and Storytime with Terry Gilliam.

– Canada jumps on the eBook price fixing lawsuit bandwagon.

– Library workers’ union outraged Vancouver Public Library hires high-priced lawyer to negotiate contract.

– New agreement brings academic video database to EBSCO Discovery Service.

– Nothing disturbs print-centric researchers like the idea of kicking books out of a library to make room for computers. The New York Public Library set off a fierce debate recently with its plans for a major reorganization.

– OverDrive Data Shows Majority Still Like To Browse the Virtual Shelves.

– April 20, 1964: Picturephone Dials Up First Transcontinental Video Call.

– Introducing the Journal of Digital Humanities.

– Distance-Learning Survey Shows Growing Concern for Student Services.

– Robots Are Grading Your Papers!

– ‘Free-Range Learners’: Study Opens Window Into How Students Hunt for Educational Content Online

– Dead Media Beat: Lignin, a website for extinct, important magazines.

– It is easy in the age of the Internet to think things like social media giant Facebook just appear out of thin air.  The new data centre for Facebook makes one think again.

– App Roundup: Virtual Assistants for Your Smartphone.

– Be careful when sending mass e-mails.  Be very careful.

– And now boys and girls it is time for Storytime with Terry Gilliam.


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