Urgent: Proxy Votes Needed!

The BCLA AGM is just over a week away, and LTAIG is now in the final stages of our bid for section status. If we secure a winning supermajority (75%) vote at next week’s AGM, our resolution will pass and LTAS will become the newest section in BCLA.

If you have not already sent in a proxy voting form, now is the time. Proxy voting forms are for members who are not attending the AGM (being held Saturday, May 12 at 8.30am during the BC Library Conference).

Why Vote for the LTAS Resolution?
Voting for LTAS means that you want better inclusion and representation for library technicians and assistants in BCLA. Obtaining section status is an important step in increasing technician and assistant visibility and support in the wider association.

How do I know if I can vote?
If you are not sure whether you have individual membership, you can still sign and fax/email a proxy. Proxies from non-members will be weeded out at the AGM before voting.

What Do I Do Now?!

  1. Print off the proxy voting form here
  2. Sign and print your name, taking care to keep the top two lines blank
  3. Either: Scan and email your proxy to tamahoc@gmail.com, or Fax your proxy to 604-598-7421

Questions? Concerns? Please feel free to reply to email with any questions. Also, have a look on the LTAIG website for more information about LTAS/Section Status.

Tamarack Hockin
Convener for LTAIG


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