Phil the Web Crawler – eBooks, eReaders, CAP cuts cut deep in Nelson, The Library Book, MAC virus, and Copyright Trolls.

– Just as e-book purchases have dramatically affected dead-tree book sales, digital lending is changing the stock-and-trade of public libraries.

– New Partnership of Barnes & Noble and Microsoft Will Promote Digital Textbooks.

CLA responds to workforce being slashed at National libraries due to federal spending cuts.

– 3 Ways College Libraries Are Exploring Pinterest.

How books will survive Amazon.

– When Cell Phones Are the Book: some observations on e-readers.

– Son of SOPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), is passed by the US House of Representatives.

– How cuts to Computer Access Program (CAP) affects one rural community’s library in Nelson.

– ‘Coarse language’ and violence top list of UK parents’ complaints about books.

– The Library Book placed third in this year’s Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing Competition.   Here is an interesting excerpt:  Red Scare ensnared city’s first bookmobile librarian.

– MAC fans have to join the windows world of virus attacks.  The Flashback virus made its creators a load of cash.

– Copyright Trolls Don’t Need to Tell the Band When Suing Its Fans.

– How would you like it if you were told by your supervisor to go work on anything you want as long as it is NOT related to your regular job?  Finally here is Advice So Good You Didn’t Know You Needed It.

– Get Kids Excited About Engineering at Engineering Go For It.


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