Phil the Web Crawler – Robot essay writer, privacy, EBSCO, Elsevier, text mining and more!

– Who knew May 9 was Global Accessibility Day?

– The Topeka & Shawnee County Library in Kansas has launched a grassroots campaign to convince publishers to increase the availability of ebooks to libraries. The advocacy effort launched Tuesday with a website called ebooks for libraries.

– Moving Beyond the NetLibrary Legacy, EBSCO Reshapes Its Ebook Platform.

– Google asks judge for dismissal of library suit.  The Authors Guild says Google doesn’t have permission to reproduce portions of books for their digital library.

– Twitter Fights Prosecutors Seeking Occupy Protester’s Data Without Warrant.

– State of the Internet report from Consumer Reports:  Do you share too much on Facebook?

– New survey confirms American librarians’ commitment to protecting privacy rights.

– Harvard Library bibliographic dataset now available via EBSCO Discovery Service from EBSCO Publishing.

– Elsevier Experiments With Allowing ‘Text Mining’ of Its Journals.  Heather Piwowar, of the Univeristy of British Columbia, helped negotiate the deal.

– Robot writers and robot readers.  The latest Cory Doctorow book?  No. You gotta try this out.  Both students and faculty are passing around links to EssayTyper, a website that opens with the simple prompt: “”Oh no! It’s finals week and I have to finish my [blank] essay immediately.”  The rest of the story here.

– Speaking of Mr. Doctorow: Why the death of DRM would be good news for readers, writers and publishers.

– Pornography.  Now that I have your attention, pornography barely makes the top ten of websites most dangerous to visit.  Number 1?  You’re reading it.  So wash your hands and study up some more.

– CISPA: An Alternate Future Where Your Personal Privacy No Longer Exists.


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