Phil the Web Crawler – iPad dominates web traffic, China cyberattacks, the highs and lows of multitasking and the Espresso Book Machine

– Why Flipping Through Paper-Like Pages Endures in the Digital World.

– From a BCLA Conference session and Library Renewal’s website:  the reference interview for helping patrons load eBooks to their devices.

– Thanks to Allan Webner for bringing this to our attention:  With the Espresso Book Machine you can walk into the store, request an out-of-print, or hard-to-find title, and a bookseller can print that book for you in approximately four minutes. (note from Heather – Oscar’s Art Books in Vancouver has one)

– And scruffy librarian Matt Weaver brought the saving eBooks for Libraries Petition to our attention.  Sign it here where there is a full explanation of the petition.

Project Aims to Build Online Hub for Archival Materials.

– California, Congress Move to Keep Facebook Passwords Private From Employers.

– Purdue Kicks Off Global Online-Education Project.

The New Knowledge Services: merging knowledge management and librarianship.

MillionShort is a new search engine developed by a Canadian that hacks Google so the first million results are tossed out leaving the rest.

– Almost 95% of tablet web traffic is via the iPad.

– Exclusive: potential China link to cyberattacks on gas pipeline companies.

– Are you a high multi-tasker or low multi-tasker?

– In defense of the New York Public Library.  Tamper with that building and you risk offending some powerful sensitivities.

– Man decides to leave the internet for one year.  Why?  Find out here.


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