Phil the Web Crawler – Saving Library and Archives Canada, texting and walking illegal, Pinterest users liable for legal actions, FlipBook, and Internet Doomsday

– Should texting and walking be illegal?  Some cities think so.

– Save Library and Archives Canada campaign videos.

– UBC joins others in not signing a license agreement with Access Copyright.

– Speaking of copyright, an avid Pinterest user began to explore the details of the site’s terms of service which states that users are liable for legal actions stemming from the act of pinning images that do not belong to them.

– For kids old and young alike, including the kid in you, FlipBook now has an app for iPad that lets you make your own animations.

Canada places third in new international ranking of higher-ed systems.

– But not so fast Canada.  Michael Geist argues the education future may be here, but few Canadian universities have woken up to its implications.

– From the desk of Allan Webner with thanks: Hachette is offering new e-books to some libraries.

– Are you ready for Internet Doomsday’s arrival in July?  Check your PC now.

– Pakistan blocks Twitter over contentious tweets.

– Everything you wanted to know about E-Content is in this handy e-zine published by the American Library Association.


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