Phil the Web Crawler – Angry Archivists, Nature Unleashed, Ketchup, SIRI, Apple, IBM, Google and Twitter are all mentioned this week. Connect the dots below:

– Angry Archivists:  Courtesy of CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition  listen to Archivists discuss the devastation of recent cuts to their valuable programs.

– Thanks Ashley: End of Copyright Debate Sparks Many What Ifs?

– Copyright, Library Book Rate and Community Access Program among Top Priorities for National Library Association.

– Petition Urges White House to Require Public Access to Federally Financed Research.

– Library lifts ban on ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ due to reader demand.

How will our bricks and mortar universities survive?

– Top Twitter Abbreviations You Need to Know.

– For fun for the whole family head down to Portland, Oregon (one of  my favourite cities on the planet) and take in the exhibit of natural disasters at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

– UK school boy saves a library with letter to PM.

Google purges over a million links a month from its searches.

– IBM has banned use of Apple iPhone’s SIRI. The reasons why may also make you ask some questions about personal and other data storage.

– Stuck ketchup?  Science comes to the rescue!


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