Phil the Web Crawler – Shhhhhhhtereotype, Dr. Livingstone in living colour, resume screening software, Big Data and Colbert’s children’s book No. 1

– Top Libraries in U.S. and Canada Issue Statement Demanding Better Ebook Services.

– Barnes and Noble speaks out about the US Department of Justice (DOJ) eBook price fixing law suit against major publishers.

-University of Alberta’s Christine Brown organizes some cool summer support for LAC-BAC.

– The continuing drive for more accountability in academe presents “a unique opportunity” for libraries.

– Author’s Guild vs. Google Books is now a class action lawsuit.

– Stephen Colbert’s children’s book tops the bestseller list.

– Do you have a favourite book in hardcover signed in person by the author?  You might want to hang onto it.  Hermetically seal it.  As author signings are now going digital.

– Teen books and obscenity. New study suggests teen books are full of swearing and obscenity, usually by attractive characters.

– Real Time iPad collaboration across the planet?  There’s an app for that.

– Are book covers dead?  Maybe, maybe not.

– And finally a fitting tribute to Ray Bradbury, a terrific author who fed our imagination with visions of the future.


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