Phil the Web Crawler – Libraries vs. publishers, update your facebook privacy, reverse psychology and social media saves a library, and Keith Richards wants to be a librarian.

– The Canadian Urban Libraries Council analysis of public library trends.

– E-book battle: Libraries, publishers square off on pricing.

– Yep, it’s time to check your $#%@& Facebook privacy settings again! Here are 12 easy steps.

– Reverse psychology social media campaign saves library.  Here is a short video showing how they did it.

– StatsCan users stunned by cuts to data surveying. Certain Labour and Income stats just won’t be there any more.

– Who will curate the aggregators?  The future of news: mobile, video, data — & crowdsourced.

– Who will curate the relics? Raiders of the Lost Relics.

– Curate this:  Here’s what Wikipedia looks like over time and place.

– Aggregate this:  300,000 book reviews dating back 20 years. Done! Thanks to Media Source and their new web link for librarians.

– Access, Access, Access, read all about it: Two new libraries have opened this month in an area of the District of Columbia with a high unemployment rate and scarce resources.

– And finally this week did you know Keith Richards wanted to become a librarian?


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