Phil the Web Crawler – Hey you get off my cloud, a “leap second” crashes sites, the ‘busy’ trap, library succeeds where Wal-Mart failed.

– Michael Geist: The European Parliament Rejects ACTA: The Impossible Becomes Possible.

– A new, possibly first of its kind ebook, one that includes American Sign Language (ASL) videos embedded along with the electronic text and pictures.

– Digital object identifier (DOI) becomes an ISO standard.

– In U.S. Supreme Court Filing, Libraries Say Decision in Wiley Suit Threatens Lending Rights.

– When is a book not a book?  Under European tax law.

– While you’re reading your favourite eBook your eBook is reading  you.

– Thanks to Jon Scop for bringing this to our attention: Ethics, library values, and digital content.

– Where Wal-Mart fails a library succeeds.

– Some clouds (and a vicious lightening storm) take down Cloud services including Amazon and Netflix, raising serious concerns about some Cloud services.

– Meanwhile how would you like your very own cloud to store information?

– Over at the Atomic Clock a “leap second” crashed numerous websites.

– The “busy” trap.


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