Phil the Web Crawler – Story Sailboat, TED launches iOS bookstore, and of course copyright, copyright, copyright.

–  The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Backs Libraries in Battle Over Book Digitization.

– Supreme Court of Canada reins in fees levied on music, video games and other materials.

– The American Library Association (ALA) Council has passed a resolution in support of school libraries.

– Controversial copyright rules threaten Canada – European trade deal.

– On the cusp of Canada’s new Copyright Law (Bill C-11) becoming law here are four intriguing copyright cases.

– Top 10 Takedowns in Google’s Copyright Transparency Report.

– Reforming copyright in the USA.

– Thanks to Sylvia Nurse for bringing this sailing library to our attention:  Story Sailboat Takes Books to the Bay.

– Courtesy of Deb Thomas, the Library Services for People with a Print Disability Survey Executive Summary has been released.

– Library Associations Defend Right to Lend Books Printed Abroad in Supreme Court Filing.

– 3 new ‘free the internet’ movements: how to choose the one for you.

– TED to launch bookstore for iOS.

-George Siemens sits right down and writes an open letter to Canadian Universities regarding technologies and learning.

– Ukrainian Students Develop Gloves That Translate Sign Language Into Speech.

– Researchers Digitize AIDS Quilt to Make It a Research Tool.


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