Phil the Web Crawler- U.S. Justice refuses to modify e-book settlement, LOC archiving Tweets, free audiobooks, and library lunch program a hit.

– Ontario Library and Information Technology Ass’n signs declaration of Internet Freedom!

U.S. Justice Department slams Apple refusing to modify e-book settlement.

– Are you tired of that cumbersome Overdrive system of getting eBooks? I know I am.  BC could learn a lesson from 3M’s new Cloud solution.

The paradise of the library:  ” A tide is coming in the kingdom of books”.

– Cloud databases 101: Who builds ‘em and what they do.

Interesting case in the U.K.: Authors face royalty threat from volunteer libraries.

– Library of Congress still planning to archive all public Twitter posts.

– Serials Solutions has reached agreement to index the LibriVox collection of free audiobooks for discovery in the Summon service.

– You have heard of school lunch programs.  Why not library lunch programs? At D.C. libraries, food for young minds and bodies.

– Open-Source LibraryBox Project Branches Out.


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