Phil the Web Crawler – The guiding light of data, moving LAC, Google urges end to authors’ suit, graphic novels ban and in praise of the public library.

– The Digital Library of America project has raised $1 million to help make library materials freely available online to anyone.

– Why data should be our guiding light on public policy.

– Librarians at Comic-Con: Bringing Comics to Life at the Library.

– But in 2011, for the first time in six years of annual Canadian library surveys, an entire genre of resources – graphic novels – was challenged for removal from a library’s collection.

– On the move: Library and Archives Canada has compiled the first-ever master list of how well its massive collection is holding up as it prepares for a major move next year of thousands of pieces of Canadian history.

– What makes a book a book and not just a bunch of data?

– Is this a book? Random House TV to make shows based on books.

– In praise of the public library.

– Google urges end to authors’ lawsuit saying its digital library helps authors and the public.

– A Guide to F**king Up in the Digital Age.


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