Phil the Web Crawler – doors slam on Canada’s history, libraries buying ebooks direct, Alan Twigg and “e-hype”, coffee with your book, and ads in library nixed.

Closing the doors on Canada’s history.

– Alan Twigg, Library Board trustee in Vancouver, has organized ten Canadian voices against, what he calls ,“e-hype”.

– Libraries to try buying e-books directly.

– Brain Hive Offers On-Demand K-12 E-book Library Lending.

– Authors’ class action against Google book scanning has been appealed by Google delaying further proceedings until the appeal is settled.

– Google Books judge lets librarians, EFF weigh in on Authors Guild case.

– New stats show iPad is surging ahead of eReaders such as Kindle Fire, Samsung, Asus and other readers.

– You can have your coffee and read a book too at the Toronto Reference Library.

– You loyal curator has been following this story for some time.  It seems a county in Georgia proposed advertising in the public library.  Update: hands down rejection by board members.

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